Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The boys of summer

I haven't posted in a long long time.  Quite frankly, I sometimes get tired of the fishing interwebs and feel like it becomes wash, rinse, and repeat.  I continue to do what I do, however, which is work, fish, and spend time with my family.  

I've managed to make it east for a couple trips this August, each with a different buddy of mine.  Both times the weather as HOT as could be.  The trade off for the extreme heat is that the W(ind) was quite tame.  We moved fish every session and Chad and I experience the hottest double I've even been witness to.  

A controversial topic seems to come up this time of year, every year:

Low Holing

It is not cool to drop in below a fly angler that is fishing the swing and step method.  Some runs are quite long. Some runs do not have a well defined beginning or end.  Some runs are very popular with spinner, fly, and nymph fisherman.  In any circumstance, communication should be the top priority.  Because a fly angler works down river does not mean he is trying to "own" the entire river.  I've heard that copout way too many times from folks who don't want to behave like adults. 

I kind of see fishing parallel golf a bit here.  Do you show up to the course, race ahead of the group before you, and start putting on the green?  No, you wait your turn as everyone gets their shot.  If someone is slow, you communicate with them and can ask to play through.  Same goes with fishing.  

I will also add this:  If someone asks to follow you through on a good sized run, there should be no reason to deny them.  After fishing through my short camp water run several times, I hiked upstream about 1/2 mile to another run I knew had shade on it.  There was an angler about 1/2 way done with the 150 yard run.  I got his attention to ask if he minded if I followed him through.  He requested that I didn't because it "was his only water to fish until the jet boat came back to pick him up in 30 minutes".  I respected his request and hiked back.  I didn't think it was cool, but that is life.  

I say all this to say, I haven't been low holed this year, but I have been before.  And I will again.  A little respect will go a long way on the river.  Fortunately, most people get this. 

A beauty nate

This guy jumped about 5 times

We save the lil' guys for Simon

Hatchery Steelhead, its what's for dinner.

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