Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bad Timing

Chad and I headed down to the Rogue with high hopes of Salmon, Steelhead, and many half pounders. The reports we got were promising and anticipation was at an all time high. Last year all 3 species were caught including 2 jack salmon on my 6 wt.

Well....................sometimes things just don't work out. We saw the rain coming, but we were blinded by the fish. I convinced Chad it wouldn't be a big deal even though I had no real evidence to attach it to. We arrived on Friday night and the fishing was reported to be "great" that day. As we jetted upriver, the salmon were rolling, the river was fine, and all was well. The rain that pelted our winshield on the way down had subsided. We woke up in the morning with excitement only to have that dashed within hours.

The rains came down, the river came up, the fish were gone. I think Chad tallied 5 half pounders and I landed 3. No salmon, no steelhead, no jacks, no dry clothing. Oh well, there is always next year. And the Deschutes soon..........

Pretty much a typical scene. Rain and more rain.

The highlights of the trip were Chad letting me drive the jet and the mini spey clave we had. Here's Chad throwing a Vector line on his 7141 Burkie.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hood River Weekend

I spent the weekend in HR to celebrate my 4th Anniversary. My wife was kind enough to float along while we got rained on and I got skunked on. No worries, we had a great time and got off the river in time to avoid the blowout and major T-storm.

I thought a grab was comin'

This is right before I got low-holed by a bobber n' jig dude.

The storm was brewing

A little wine tasting

Gotta stop at Bonne to get a glimpse of some fish