Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fly brands = Car brands

After my parked car was hit in my office parking lot, I've had the pleasure of driving a sweet rental car. The car, a Kia Spectra, is an absolute piece of crap to drive and/or look at. Car companies also have equivalents in the fly fishing industry. Here's my list:

Sage=BMW: Most people recognize the quality and engineering. A luxury brand with a recognized namesake. Overall, great products, but too generic for the super high end buyer.

Orvis=Mercedes Benz: High end price tag with a reputation to disappoint. Folks driving Benzo's and wearing Orvis gear paid a lot for their brand, but don't realize most others are laughing at them. An easternly following.

CF Burkheimer=Ferrari: Maintains an exclusive following with a high end price tag. This ride is for the folks that have BMW's already, but need some more horsepower. Fit, finish, and performance, these two brands get it done.

Echo=Toyota: A large loyal fanbase supports these imports. Both brands have proven reliability and performace at a working man's price. Let's just hope the DECHO's don't start driving themselves.

GLoomis=Ford: American brands with a diverse lineup. Loomis has both a gear and fly following. Ford has the Taurus, the Exploder, and the F150. A brand you can go cheap or expensive with.

Beulah=Subaru: Mid range price point known for versatility and quality. Both brands have buyers that own these in multiples.

There's more I can add later as they come to me. I couldn't find a car brand to match up with Winston or Scott yet.

My sweet rental car looks like this one but uglier.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to the Canyon

Starting it off


Simon got his pocket picked!

This guy came after us!

Pink and Purp strikes again

Last morning

Simon and I had picked the hottest weekend of the summer to be on the Deschutes. We launched on Saturday and took out Tuesday. Mid day temps ranged from mid 90's to 105. We fished our way down the first night and I was able to pick up a couple along the way to get our confidence going. The second fish toyed with my pink butt purple midway through the swing. I immediately took 2 steps back and switch flies to a drab green butted fly that Potter has knicknamed "the greyhound". On the 2nd cast, back in the original spot, the fly was railed on and I was quickly put into my backing. After a nice tussel, the little 5lb native hen came to hand. Just awesome!

The comeback fly seemed to be the theme for me. I was able to get 4 fish to come back to a smaller and more drab patter after tickling the original. In my mind, getting a fish to come back is one of the sweetest experiences in steelheading.

On the 2nd day, Simon and I were hoping to get a certain camp. We came around the corner and sure enough, there was a DB set up there. I pulled over quickly to go run down and ask if they were staying the night. I woke up the poor fella from his siesta to inquire about his plans. He was indeed staying the night but invited us to camp with him. So, we got to meet and hang out with Larry! Larry had been on the river for about 5 days and was enjoying the retired life. I think he welcomed the company and we had a good time in camp even if we got aced out of our water by 4 spinner dudes.

Overall, another great trip. Highlights included:
- Larry
- Having a fish throw a visible wake to come get my fly
- Making use of the outhouses instead of buckets
- Surviving the rapids
- More natives caught than hatchery pukes
- Watching Simon pound 3 brats and a cheeseburger in 1 meal
- Backing flying through the guides
- Shade during the day
- Rattlesnakes swimming
- Double digit hookups

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Mid Summer Valley Steel Lull

It's upon us. This is the time of year where I head to other rivers with fish more willing to come to the fly. The McKenzie and Willamette just don't seem to produce real well in late July and August. I found one last week, but fished Saturday morning with not even a tug.

If all lines up at work, I'll be on some different rivers very soon.