Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ricky strikes again

I was sitting at the vise tying a few hairwings, when Ricky calls. He tells me its his birthday and he wants to go fishing. I said "Fine bud, we'll go somewhere. Be here in 30 minutes and we'll go out for a couple hours."

The first run we fished has been a known producer for me with the present river conditions. I got grabbed, but the only bite that stuck were the mosquitoes that were all over me. We reeled up and moved down river. I only had 35 minutes left to fish before I had to depart for highly coveted 9:15 softball game. The run we planned on fishing was occupied. On a whim, we tried one other spot. Ricky's egg sucker got bit and the ACR's mojo I'd proclaimed was corroborated once again.