Friday, November 4, 2011

A fall to forget

This fall has been frustrating from an angling perspective for me. I spent 5 weeks working in Chicago during the "prime time" months of September and October. Don't get me wrong, I loved Chicago and everything about it, but you won't ever catch me trading Wrigley for my Oregon's fall steelhead rivers. I sat with angst from a 41st floor window overlooking Lake Michigan wondering about how my brother or Simon or Chad was doing at their various locations. My hotel had a river view, but I didn't see any fish rolling among the water taxis.

I took full advantage of August though. On my last trip, we got em' pretty good, despite some ripping winds. I took the shot below as we had 40+ MPH winds blowing from right to left. You can see the dust it kicked up in the Gordon Ridge area.

I've been limited to weekends on local waters since I've been back. The fishing hasn't been great, but enough action to keep a guy and his fly happy.

Bernie landed this above average fish last weekend. Another one of those mystery "misclip" or "wild" fish from the Willamette Valley.