Friday, October 2, 2009

Mid week on the N. Umpqua

I headed down to Roseburg for a few client meetings and by mid afternoon I was off to the fly water again of the North Umpqua. I convinced my spey compatriot Chad to join me on the river. After meeting up on the lower river, we headed up, crossed Mott Bridge and booked it down river.

Fished the usual suspects including Boat, Kitchen, and the Mott Pools before heading down to try Ledges and Takahatchy. One of my favorite new links I've found comes from the steamboaters web page. It outlines each of the famous pools, runs, and slots that the river is known for.

I ended up fishing Takahatchy while Chad went down river. Fished through the whole thing, no bumps, oh well. I was standing out on a ledge of bedrock. If you've ever been to the N. Umpqua, you know what I'm talking about. The kind where it 1ft deep and the next step is 5ft deep. Well, as I turned around and started to navigate my way back towards the bank, my line started peeling off my reel. I was hooked up!

I turned aroud in disbelief and got my bearings. The fish took an incredible run towards the middle of the river capped with a tailwalking leap. A few seconds later, muddler was still in the fish's mouth, but my line had snapped. No more 8lb test.

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