Monday, November 2, 2009

Town Run Fun

On Tuesday of last week I was able to slip out of the office early and do a little co-worker fishing with Chad. We hit the section of the Willamette that runs right through town in hopes of landing some late season Steelhead.

With the beautiful backdrop of the I-5 bridge, industrial yards, pizza parlors, and a mobile housing development, it's the epitome of commerce fishing. It's kind of cool to be chasing anadramous fish so close to work, but you lose out with the scenery. So be it!

We headed up to the most likely run and started casting away. About 20 minutes in, I was pretty sure I got slightly hung up on some bedrock. It was either bedrock or a fish because on my next cast as the fly hit the water a ravish boil appeared and line was being taken from my reel. The little Bantam I've been fishing strikes again. I must have really irritated the fish on the prior cast because you don't see many late October takes on the surface. It was one I'll surely rememeber.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon: After kicking the cold, Chad and I headed back to the town run for a little float in the clack. We fished a few higher runs with no grabs. Since I went through this certain run first last time, I let Chad start in first. I sat in the boat for about 5 minutes and decided to walk up extra high to give plenty of room. I thought it would be cool while I was wasting time to see if I could throw my 12'6 Gary Anderson with a single hand. I was laying out some line and let it swing in a half hearted obligatory sort of way when I had a violent grab. Next thing I know, line is peeling from my Ross Momentum and I've actually got a fish on. I couldn't get the hook out of the fish's mouth very easily so the fish was sacrificed and later taken to Rick Axtell's smokehouse!

Did I mention I love to swing flies to steelhead?

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