Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Pics, no fish

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to fish the Sandy. I've fished it for Silvers a few times, but not Winter Steelhead. The coastal rivers were blown out, so it was my best option in Portland.

I headed out around 9am and dropped by the local starbucks. I was detoured by running into my former next door neighbor. After a good chat, I made it out to the river. A few cars in the lot, I strung up the spey with 10ft of T14, and walked down the path.

I fished several nice looking runs with no success. The Sandy is an incredibly beautiful river. I had a great time just casting and swinging. I ended up heading back to the car and down to Oxbow park. With limited time left I started above the boat launch and found some water. I eventually ran into the gear guys at the launch. No fish for them to speak of.

On Monday, I headed over towards the coast and hit a few smaller rivers. I took the single hander and indicator. I felt dirty, but had a lot of fun. Of course, no fish were hooked other than a 14 inch cutty.

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