Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fly brands = Car brands

After my parked car was hit in my office parking lot, I've had the pleasure of driving a sweet rental car. The car, a Kia Spectra, is an absolute piece of crap to drive and/or look at. Car companies also have equivalents in the fly fishing industry. Here's my list:

Sage=BMW: Most people recognize the quality and engineering. A luxury brand with a recognized namesake. Overall, great products, but too generic for the super high end buyer.

Orvis=Mercedes Benz: High end price tag with a reputation to disappoint. Folks driving Benzo's and wearing Orvis gear paid a lot for their brand, but don't realize most others are laughing at them. An easternly following.

CF Burkheimer=Ferrari: Maintains an exclusive following with a high end price tag. This ride is for the folks that have BMW's already, but need some more horsepower. Fit, finish, and performance, these two brands get it done.

Echo=Toyota: A large loyal fanbase supports these imports. Both brands have proven reliability and performace at a working man's price. Let's just hope the DECHO's don't start driving themselves.

GLoomis=Ford: American brands with a diverse lineup. Loomis has both a gear and fly following. Ford has the Taurus, the Exploder, and the F150. A brand you can go cheap or expensive with.

Beulah=Subaru: Mid range price point known for versatility and quality. Both brands have buyers that own these in multiples.

There's more I can add later as they come to me. I couldn't find a car brand to match up with Winston or Scott yet.

My sweet rental car looks like this one but uglier.


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  2. Scott- are like Nissan- middle of the road brands, resonablely priced- low maintance - ready to get in and drive!

    Winston- Like an ol chevy- the old guys love em