Sunday, November 21, 2010

A few nice winter fly links

As we get closer to winter, I start to think about the flies I want to fish this year. Color combo's, sink rates, materials, tube's vs. shanks, etc.

There is some really good info out there on tying different stuff. One of my favorites was put together by Rob Russell for the Caddis Blog.

If you've met Rob, you know he's passionate about wild fish. He also a fine fisherman and detail oriented fly tyer. Rob cracks me up ever time I cross paths with him down at the Caddisfly.

For a quicker, no-nonsense look at the intruder, Scott Howell's YouTube video from the upcoming Skagit Master 2 is worth a look.

Another good piece of information can be found via Tom Larimer's outfitter website. He gives a good rundown on a reverse marabou tied on a tube. Very nice.

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