Friday, March 19, 2010

Final Coast Trip

With some responsibilities looming, I had one last chance to get to the coast and fish for winter steel. Casey and Mike came down and we shoved off early.

We fished long and hard with Casey getting the only grab of the morning. The level was perfect, but it just felt like there were less fish around. We only spotted a few fish and gave the good runs plenty of chances to come through. The bright sun on the water didn't help.

We finally had some action in the afternoon as I hooked up in a small run. The fish ran quickly downstream and put up a great fight. The fight gave out quickly and as Casey tailed the fish we realized it was a male kelt. It kind of takes the wind out of your sails, but a fish is a fish. We quickly got the wild fish back in the water and moved on downstream. No more takes or grabs of any kind. To cap it off, the shuttle we called didn't show up and Casey had to hitch it back upstream. It all worked out and we were home by 9pm!

That is it for now Coastal Winters...............I'll see you next year.

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