Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny Day on the Clack

I was in Portland for the weekend and got a chance to float the Clackamas with Casey and Mike. We floated a nice stretch of river and had a good time casting. That's a nice way of saying we didn't hook up once between the three of us. Casey had a solid grab early and I had one late, but nothing stuck, and we went home sad.

The sun was out all day and the water was really clear and measuring 46 degrees. It was fun to get out with Mike and watch him boom line out like a pro. I think he has more spey gear than anyone in Montana. It's a classic scenario: A trout guide with an addiction to steelhead fishing.

The silver lining to the trip was that I followed up the skunking with a nice dinner at El Gaucho with my wife. The New York Peppercorn steak, mashed potatoes, tableside caesar salad, and bananas foster was a great ending to a beautiful day.

Here's Mike testing out my 7133 CF Burkheimer. Also, he really hates my miracle braid running line.

Last run of the day. Mike is fishing what we later found to be 2 foot of water. The speck at the top of the tree is actually a bald eagle.

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