Sunday, March 21, 2010

Double Dip

Chad and I got together on Saturday night to pre-flight our Sunday and tie some flies. We put together a few black and purples, red and oranges, etc. After looking at the new tie we usually follow it with 1 of 2 statements: "Oh, I bet that would work great for summer fish on the Willamette" or "Oh, that would be a killer fly for the Deschutes". That is usually followed up by me saying "Hmmm....I can't wait to do Macks to the Mouth this summer".

So we put our routine to bed and performed a Double Dip Sunday. We fished bright and early for some steelhead and in the afternoon for trout. Chad wanted to get his 7134 Burkie out on the water and I was just happy to be swinging.

In the afternoon we put the Jet boat in and drove upstream. After a few stops, we found a nice flat and the bugs starting coming off. The hatch got increasingly intense over the next hour. We hooked and landed a few fish, but nothing to shout about. It was one of those episodes where you wonder how a fish is going to pick your imitation out of about 10 naturals whithin rising distance.

The coolest thing of the day were the 2 bald eagles we saw streamside.

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