Thursday, April 22, 2010

I had a feeling.......

Last week I mentioned that I had a good feeling about getting the first summer steelhead of the year. Enough fish have been over the falls and I felt it was about time I hooked up.

I headed out to the river after work to see if my feeling was correct. The first run I hit was a nice long tailout I had never fished before. I did get a grab about 2/3 of the way through, but it didn't stick. After stepping out of the run and back to the rig, I drove to another spot I knew held fish.

The water was high and off color. I threw on the only pink fly I had in my box. My confidence was shaken with the sun breaks that kept appearing. I knew it probably didn't matter, but I wanted overcast skies! About 1/4 of the way through the riffle I hook up on the bottom. Got my fly pulled free and considered going to an unweighted fly. I decided to keep the Pink PYP out of sheer laziness. About 5 cast later my line stopped and I felt the smallest of tugs. I let the loop go taught. I thought to myself fish or bottom? Well, the line started ripping off my reel in a hurry. My heart started racing as the fish took its first aerial of the fight. Yes! My first summer was on the line. After a couple of other blistering runs I got the fish close to shore and tailed her. Adipose in tact........uh, this isn't a summer, it's a wild winter. Sweet! Got a quick shot on the camera and let her go.

I started back in where I left off. After another 4-5 casts, same deal. Line went taught, weight, ripping run. I was hooked up again! I couldn't believe it. I had gone a month without having a hookup, and I had 2 in 10 minutes. This fish took off hard downstream and ran off close to 40 yards of line. At the end of the hard run it jumped, ran towards me and jumped again. I was able to get him close and spot the missing fin. I grabbed him by the tail and arranged for a meeting with the BBQ.

The Summer

The winter

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