Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm addicted to steel

Ok, I already knew that right? On Friday, I used my lunch break to scramble down to the river. The sun was in full effect on the water and a Jet Boat was parked in the middle of the run, but it didn't matter apparently.

I started upstream and worked my way toward the Jet. Before I got to them, they pulled anchor and moved upriver. I had about 10 casts left to make when my loop went out and my reel started screaming. The fish ripped off a ton of line and then charged back at me. After 3 or 4 more bursts I was able to get the nice hen on the beach and into the cooler. Slipped on the business casual and was back at the desk within the hour. That's a sweet lunch!

Ended up back on the river this morning with Casey. We took the Clacka out and had some fun. I hooked up on the first run and after the 2nd jump, the hook popped loose. We caught plenty of smolts after that, but no hookups on the drift. After the shuttle Casey gave a roadside run another try and ended up beaching a nice hen. Another successful day for early summers.

Lunch hour chrome

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