Friday, April 16, 2010

A break from the move

I've been in the process of buying, remodling, and moving into a new place in the last 3 weeks. Those things tend to keep a guy pretty busy. I had a chance last Sunday after some demo work to get out with Chad and Simon. The clouds were right, the temp was right, and the hatch came off. We found a few fish including the nice one below that Chad is holding. The hatch lasted most of an hour and we were able to NIMP a few fish after as well.

I did learn one valuable lesson during the experience. Simon and his wife had just delivered their 2nd baby no less than 4 days earlier. He thought he was in the clear when he wife gave him to go ahead to fish. UH........NO SIR, not a good idea Bernie! She may have said "sure, go fishing", but that isn't what she meant. The evidence was in the 5 phone calls he got during the afternoon. Simon is still learning to read women. I thought having a 4 day old baby, he would've used better judgement.

All in all, good trip. Be on the lookout for my first summer fish of the year. I've got a good feeling about the next two weeks.

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