Monday, May 31, 2010

Fishing with the boss

Actually, my boss' boss and his son...........He knew I was into fly fishing and had suggested we take a trip sometime. Originally, we were just going to float the Mac in hopes that some green caddis would come off and he would catch a few. I glanced at the weather report for Warm Springs earlier in the week and saw that Sunday would shape up nicely. I called the boss and as soon as I uttered "the Deschutes is another option" he cut me off and said "Yes, let's do that".

I warned him the fishing was not always friendly and required some bush whacking. We met on Sunday and launched with the brigade of other boats. The fishing was excellent. I went dry the whole day and landed as many as one could ask for. My boss and his son even got into a few fish. The boss had floated the Deschutes twice before and was skunked both times, so his 6 fish will be an epic memory.

I fished the Chubby C and NWS pretty much the whole day. The Chubby and NWS rose about the same amount of fish, but one thing I did notice was the hooking and landing ratio was much better on the Norm Woods. I think the foam body and the way it sits against the hook shank can sometimes make for a tough stick.

One takeaway I will never figure out:

Why do fisherman continue to nymph when epic dry fly action is going on?

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