Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roguesational Part 2

The first night, Chad and I spent the night in the boat, anchored on our same spot. We got up at dawn and put the rods out. We waited and waited and finally got our first takedown at about 10am. It didn't stick.

We decided to head down river and try and different spot. With the high water, the new spot looked good, so we gave it a go. We had a couple of hours to fish before the rest of our party was set to join us. Right around 2:00 a rod went down and this time it stuck. Chad fought the fish while manning the motor. Fortunately I didn't screw up the net job and we were able to release the nice 20lb native back to the river quickly.

We headed back to the takeout to meet the other guys and then set up our camp. Matt brought his Koffler sled and we were able to anchor next to each other in the pool. Dominic, who is a self proclaimed "Springer Expert" joined us in our boat. Sure enough, 15 minutes in his rod goes down and the fight is on. We put our first hatchery fish in the box. It felt good to get some meat to take home. A couple hours later, we managed to get another hatchery springer to take home.

I was really getting the idea of this style of fishing. I like to call it Cocktail fishing. You sit, you wait, you drink a cocktail till your rod goes down.

We tried a couple other spots until dark and didn't have any more luck. The water was dropping pretty fast and the pools were changing. It was a fun time back at camp. Our group ate steaks, while the other guys had brats. They were skunked, we caught 2 fish. We had a top for sun protection, they had nothing but hats. You get the idea.......we were spoiled.

More to come later............

Sunday Night's dinner. Fresh Salmon!

Hard fighting football

Perfect hatchery fish

Sharp looking native. Don't worry, he was released quickly and swam off strong.

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